Origins of Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a black tea that gets its distinct flavor from the rind of a bergamot orange, a small citrus tree that blossoms in the winter and is mainly grown in Italy. So where did this noble tea get its distinguished name? Charles Grey (1764-1845), an English aristocrat is assumed to be the man it is named for. There are several variations of the story, from his good deeds in China resulting in a recipe for the tea, to tea and bergamot being shipped in the same container from China and the tea absorbing the flavor of it. However, there is no discernible story why the tea was named after Mr. Grey. Jackson's of Picadilly, a London tea house established in 1815, claims to have invented the original recipe for Earl Grey in 1836 to "meet the wishes of a former Earl Grey", but the earliest reference to a bergamot flavored tea was in 1824. In contrast to later associations, bergamot was used to enhance the taste of a lower quality tea. Whether it was invented by an Earl or used to flavor a not so great tea, Earl Grey today is one of the most beloved teas and has no sign of losing its popularity with avid tea drinkers.

Interested in tasting Earl Grey tea? We have several variations including, Grey Gardens, Earl Grey Creme, Earl Grey Rose, White Vanilla Bergamot, Earl Grey Lavender and of course, classic Earl Grey.

Make a London Fog with our Earl Grey Creme by adding a splash of milk and a dash of sugar. Prefer your tea iced? Try our Earl Grey Lavender or Grey Gardens on ice, add a bit of lemonade for an irresistible summer treat. Each are also delicious in their pure state. Which will be your favorite?

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